ADSL Internet

What is ADSL?

ADSL is a technology that allows data to be transferred over telephone land lines. It enables us to access the Internet at much higher speeds than the old dial up technology. ADSL is widely used by South Africans looking for a reliable Internet solution that offers fast browsing speeds. ADSL is known as a broadband technology, which basically means data is transferred at a high speed.

How does ADSL broadband work?

ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It works by transferring data into a signal that can be carried over copper wire telephone lines.

To use ADSL broadband Internet in your home, you will need an ADSL broadband router. This device connects you to the Internet and translates the signal coming through the copper wires. The ADSL router is connected to the copper telephone wire that is installed in your home. A splitter is also installed on the line, to separate data from voice, so you can browse the Internet and make phone calls at the same time.

What are the advantages of ADSL Broadband Internet?

  • With ADSL, you get high speed Internet access. ADSL connection speeds vary, and you can choose a plan or package to suit your needs, but generally ADSL broadband is fast enough to watch streaming video, download files, listen to music and upload and download hi-res images.
  • Most homes in urban areas have access to ADSL broadband. All you need is access to a telephone line. You don't have to wait for Fibre to be installed in your area before you can use it.
  • ADSL broadband plans offer value for money. Uncapped ADSL broadband deals allow you to use unlimited data - use the Internet for watching TV series and videos, downloading games and apps, updating your phone or tablet, and sending and receiving large files. With an uncapped package you pay one monthly price without ever having to worry about running out of data.
  • ADSL offers an always-on connection. You don't have to stop using ADSL to phone someone. And with WiFi you can use many devices at once, all connected to the Internet. Listen to music on one device, while watching a movie on another.

What speeds can I get on ADSL?

ADSL offers speeds from 1Mbps to roughly 40Mbps. Most broadband providers offer a variety of ADSL broadband plans, so you can select a speed that suits you. If you're planning on using the internet for watching Netflix, Showmax or a similar service, you should get a plan with a higher speed. You'll also want a higher speed connection if you plan on connecting a lot of devices to your home WiFi network at once.

Who should consider ADSL

If you don't have access to Fibre in your area, but need a high speed Internet connection, you should consider getting ADSL. Fibre can offer higher speeds and often greater reliability, but Fibre lines need to be laid in your area.

ADSL Broadband Deals

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