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Smart WI-FI

Home Wi-Fi that knows what it's doing.

Supersonic Smart Wi-Fi adapts to your space and lifestyle. It’s easy to set up and control, resilient and reliable, beautiful and super-fast. Supersonic Smart Wi-Fi means no compromises.

Adaptive Home Wi-Fi

Supersonic Smart Wi-Fi fills every inch of your home with the strongest possible signal. Walk seamlessly from room-to-room on a FaceTime call, stream a 4K movie, crank up a playlist, collaborate on a presentation... all at the same time. Supersonic Smart Wi-Fi acts as mission control to keep your connections strong, so you’re always in the flow. Supersonic Smart Wi-Fi is always learning about how you use Wi-Fi in your home, so it can allocate more capacity to the devices that need it most.

Control and personalization

The Supersonic Smart Wi-Fi app unlocks the power of Adaptive Home Wi-Fi and puts you in control of your home’s wireless experiences. Personalize who gets on your Wi-Fi network, for how long, and what they can do.

When guests show up, customize a Wi-Fi password just for them. Then choose which devices – TVs, printers, sound systems or thermostat – they can access to make them feel instantly at home. When the slumber party needs to wind down, cut off the midnight surfing with a swipe. Prevent certain websites from being accessed from your Wi-Fi. All from the Supersonic Smart Wi-Fi app on your phone. Sometimes, people need a break from being connected. With the Supersonic Smart Wi-Fi app, you can freeze and unfreeze devices. You can schedule a time-out for specific devices at certain times to take control of the rhythms of your home. And more.

SmartThings Wi-Fi

Supersonic Smart Wi-Fi integrates with Samsung’s SmartThings Wi-Fi hub, so you can manage all your smart devices in one place. Now you can track your sensors, cameras, lights, and voice assistants within the Supersonic Smart Wi-Fi ecosystem.