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Client Care

We make it possible for our customers to develop simple, flexible, and scalable solutions while delivering the highest standard of customer support and service reliability in the industry.

Client Care

At Supersonic, it is important for us to deliver a service that satisfies you.

Help can be acquired via:

  • Telephone on 0861 SUPERS(787 377)
  • Email to in the following manner and during the following times:

Call Centre Hours:


  • Support Department: 7AM to 10PM
  • Customer Experience and Sales: 7AM – 5PM
  • Installations Department: 7AM to 5PM


  • Support Department: 8AM – 5PM
  • Customer Experience and Sales: 8AM – 5PM
Time Frames & Actions

Should remote assistance not be successful and a call out is required, Supersonic will carry the costs if the fault is found to be on the Supersonic Network. However, if the fault is found to not be due to the Supersonic Network, a call out fee will be applicable as described below. Faults logged with our Call Centre during Supersonic business hours will be:

  • Acknowledged within 2 hours from receipt of call or email.
  • Logged by way of Service Request within 30 minutes from acknowledgement .
  • Faults not resolved by the CSR (Client Service Representative) within 2 hours of the fault being reported, will be allocated to a technician for assistance.

Critical network faults affecting multiple users will be attended to within 4 hours from first report received. Upon completion, the client will be updated on the fault resolution by way of Service Request notification. If your fault was attended to and you did not receive a Service Request notification, or for any other information, you are welcome to escalate to our Support Desk at

Call out fees:

Should remote assistance not be successful and a technician is call out to the customer’s premises, a call out fee will be applicable if the fault is found to not be Supersonic Network related, the following tariffs per hour will be charged:

Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm: R550 per hour

Weekdays after 5 pm and Saturdays: R690 per hour

Sundays and Public holidays: R920 per hour

Note that if the customer insists on a technician responding on a Sunday or public holiday, a call out fee of R920 will be charged regardless of fault is as a result of Supersonic or the customer.